Together Novel Laboratories and GAVIS® Pharmaceuticals offer the complete package: formulation, development, manufacturing, packaging, sales, marketing, and distribution. Novel specializes in the development and manufacturing of orally-disintegrating, liquid, modified-release, powder, and rectal dosage forms. Its experienced team of professionals are dedicated to researching and developing pharmaceuticals of the highest quality. The staff prides itself on its ability to develop cost-efficient, reproducible processes on an accelerated timeline that readily comply with current good manufacturing practices.


Regulatory Record
FDA-inspected in 2011 for general GMPs and multiple pre-approvals
DEA-approved for production and warehousing of Schedule II-V Controlled Substances


Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Novel Laboratories currently has a 150,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, labs, and warehouses with acreage to expand. Equipped to handle schedule II to V drugs and solvent-based processes. The last three FDA inspections have resulted in the pre-approval of a total of 15 products.


With its large equipment, Novel Laboratories is able to produce large quantities of drugs at a time. Because of these advantages, Novel has limited competition in areas of drug science, chemical makeup and production. With a large amount of space, Novel facilities are easily able to coordinate getting the product, warehousing large orders and setting up distribution from a centrally located area. In turn that could mean getting a product faster to market.