Dr. Veerappan Subramanian founded GAVIS® Pharmaceuticals and developed quality medicine for the market by working with the best development and manufacturing partners in the industry. GAVIS sells, markets, and distributes pharmaceutical products to all major players in the marketplace, including more than 80 customers across all market segments – distributors, managed care, wholesalers and chain drug stores.


In June 2009, GAVIS launched its first three products, manufactured by its affiliate company Novel Laboratories of Somerset, New Jersey. Since then, the company has brought 17 additional products to market, and going forward plans to launch 8 to 10 products per year.


These new products will be a combination of Novel’s maturing pipeline coming to fruition as well as strategic alliances with other pharmaceutical firms, including authorized generics and in-licensing partnerships. Despite a short history, GAVIS has built and will continue to expand a robust pipeline of specialty pharmaceuticals with limited competition.